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The Show

AMC Performance Company and producer Rod Whittaker present the spectacular, funktastic live stage musical revue, We Were Funky Live!, a musical celebration of the Funk, R&B, and Disco music of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. We Were Funky Live! is the musical stage adaptation of the soon to be released We Were Funky documentary. Featuring the choreography of Heather Hayes, daughter of the late legendary soul singer Isaac Hayes, and the music of some of the greatest artists that ever lived, We Were Funky Live! gives you the fashion, the fire, and the phenomenal music that has been the soundtrack of our lives.

While seemingly trapped in this rapidly changing and almost completely transformed music and entertainment business that we are presently experiencing, We Were Funky Live! offers you a glimpse into the rear view mirror, when it was all about real live music, with real live instruments and gifted musicians and artists, who created a musical movement that rocked the world.  Atlanta’s own The Maxx Band, 30+ year veteran musicians in the funk, soul, disco, R&B, Rock, and Pop music scene of the South, delivers the full gold and sequined, leather and lace, decadent live band experience with a full horn section, skin-tight background vocals, and authentic choreography that defines this true American art form and global phenomenon, FUNK.  They are joined by a full complement of amazing male and female vocalists, who are all outstanding
professional entertainers in their own right.

Join the We Were Funky Live! cast for a night of unabashed fun and getting all the way DOWN.

The setting is Atlanta, GA in the fictitious Omni Theater, named after the now defunct Omni Coliseum, a venue where many star studded events were held in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. As the cast of We Were Funky Live! churns through chart toppers by such artists as Earth, Wind, And Fire, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson and more, and while various scenes play out on the giant 8ft. LED screen, their pesky stagehand is desperately trying to give the audience a peek at his hidden talents, but the cast refuses to let him in the show. Stagehand played by Harry Nixon, the first mascot for the NBA Atlanta Hawks, who incidentally used his name to create the Harry The Hawk mascot.

The Story

We Were Funky Live!

We Were Funky Live!

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A 70's, 80's, 90's Musical Celebration

Audience REmarks

It was an absolute joy to hear music from our past being performed with such authenticity. We were funky baby. Yeah!

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